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I was approached in January by a business within the North East who had recently promoted a member of staff to the role of Sales Manager. He is an inexperience Sales Manager but had a wealth of knowledge within his industry and was looking for some extra support within the business development of the role. When we first met we sat down and completed a SWOT analysis on him within his role and the results were very interesting, He had a vast array of product knowledge and customer service but was inexperienced with time management, new business development, sales processes and the way he recorded current pipeline.

Over the last 7 months we have met a few days month to help him improve his time management skills as he was getting distracted by other elements of the business and the results have been brilliant. He now manages his diary and can complete all his daily tasks in a timely manner. He is now able to include elements of his role that he was struggling to complete.

He is a much more organised person now and understand the importance of the sales cycle, sales pipeline and the reporting structure within the business and the results are now there to see. The business has seen increase with new custom through the marketing and cold calling structure that has been implemented, existing customers now know all the products on offer going forward through site visits and client meetings.

I am still currently working within the business and it gives me great pleasure to see him excelling in his new role.

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