Business Development Tailored To Your Needs


“ Helping you to develop skills and confidence to help your business grow ”


It may be your current team is too busy for the extra work or don’t have the skills or contacts. You may also not have the capacity for another full-time member of staff. That’s where my consultant freelance services come in. I can focus on your new challenge while you concentrate on your core business. My services are by the hour, by the day or on longer-term contracts…either way I will prove to be a cost-effective dynamic asset to your company. With 15 years experience as an industry professional, Taylored Business Development is perfectly placed to create long-term benefits for you and your clients.

“bringing Paul Taylor in to be the driving force behind new generation of leads, contacts and sales helped me create and maintain good, longterm relationships…”

There are many advantages to an external business development manager (BDM) these include:

“Fresh eyes” on old problems, let’s face it if you’re reading this, you’re not getting the results you want;

Costs are outsource based and less than the liabilities of having an employee;

It extends the scope and reach of marketing and other activities within the organisation without having the fixed costs of an internal member of staff;

You tend to pay only for what you use which is good for the bottom line and ensures the motivation of the BDM;

You’ll get somebody who has widely networked with other industries, with the spread and scope of experience, contacts and links that would not be normally available to you;

You get someone to provide ideas generation drawn from experiences outside of your organisation;

Access added experience and support to your endeavours.

“9/10 Small businesses acknowledge that having a business mentor WILL improve their business.” – Taylored Business Development Newcastle

Business Development Newcastle – Tailored To Your Needs

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